Campus Ambassador Programme

A day filled with brilliant speakers, thought-provoking conversations and intellectual brainstorming – TEDxNirmaUniversity is an event no less than a grand cognitive sensory experience.

Wouldn’t it be a thrilling prospect, if we give you the opportunity to be a part of this global TED franchise, from the domains of your college? To stand out tall from the sea of people of your college and be an integral part of TEDxNirmaUniversity’s process of ideations? We present you the chance to be the face of TEDxNirmaUniversity in your college, by being a Campus Ambassador!

Why should you apply as a Campus Ambassador?

If you’ll work really hard and bring the maximum output, you’ll be entitled for an organizational certificate. The TEDx brand in your repertoire and resume is a big validation.

Hone your managerial and communication skills, increase your outreach as an individual by representing the TEDx brand and lead your college people.

A chance to be a part of TEDxNirmaUniversity’s core organizing team and contribute to ideas.

What will be your responsibilities as a Campus Ambassador?

  • Regularly post the content provided by us on your social media handles.
  • Share TEDxNirmaUniversity’s Facebook and Instagram page and get maximum likes and shares on our social posts.
  • Put on the college bulletin board all the marketing and publicity material provided by us.
  • Get maximum number of attendees’ registrations.
  • Get anchors’ and performers’ auditions done in your college campus and send the videos to us or collect past videos and send it to us.
  • Publicize TEDxNirmaUniversity and spread it’s word of mouth expansively.

“Life rewards those who work hard at it.”

And TEDxNirmaUniversity also rewards those who enervate themselves fully towards making the event a huge success. So, we have many exciting incentives to give away to our best performers:

  • TEDxNirmaUniversity certificates.
  • Exciting merchandises
  • Free entry to Top 3 CAs
  • TEDx T-shirts to Top 10 CAs
  • Exciting surprises to the Top CA

  • So, register yourselves as TEDxNirmaUniversity’s Campus Ambassador, work passionately, build on your resumes by having TEDx certificates and be the part of the team that is responsible for making the power of ideas to reach out to people and places.