What's Your IKIGAI?

It’s not just a question. It’s a prism of introspection, a way of finding passion with purpose.
IKIGAI is a Japanese word that translates to – ‘The reason to wake up every morning and the reason for finding joy and happiness.’ IKIGAI is the intersection of three concepts – your values, things you like to do and things you are good at. If you have found your IKIGAI, you have found your mission, passion and a sense of meaning in your life.

Our theme for this year’s TEDxNirmaUniversity – “What’s your IKIGAI?” also focuses to reiterate the same beliefs and values, through the vision of it’s speakers. Our speakers have stories to tell, that reflect their mission and passion for what they are doing, and their reason for waking up and looking forward to a new day and new beginning. They will add to each other’s strengths and create a clearinghouse of ideas that will bolster their IKIGAI, but more importantly, by the end of the day, help you answer- “What’s Your IKIGAI?”

Our Speakers

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