Crumbs Of Ingenuity

Ingenuity, plus courage, plus ideas equals miracles. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, we presented to you, TEDxNirmaUniversity: Crumbs of Ingenuity on 22nd April 2017.
12 people came out to put forward new ideas and new perspective to life. They added a little to everyone’s courage in facing hardships, inspired us to work and bring in new thoughts and made us a part in changing the world! This TEDx was a colloqium of entrepreneurship, criminal psychology, design of supercars, film-making, communication evolutions, mathematics, art, design, language, curiosity and much more. All those who seek to change the world joined the community.

Our Speakers

Click on the speakers to know more about their profile and watch their TEDx talk at TEDxNirmaUniveristy.